Fortinet - Understanding the Data Breaches of 2014: Did it have to be this way?

Josef Meier

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This session will take a deep look into the major data breaches of 2014 and answer the questions How, What, Where, Why and How. Carrying on from 2014 the attention will be focused to 2015 to see if lessons have been learned and more importantly, implemented. In light of the recent past, is there a way to make a network completely hack proof? Have a clear and unbiased analysis of the what, why and how of these data breaches Understand the aftermath of such a data breach and the affect it has on the consumer Gain an answer to where the ultimate responsibility for such data breaches lies Find out if different technologies could have made a difference Have a quick review of 2015 to discover if the trend has continued, been stopped or moved on to a different industry What level partner are Ait-it, just want to make sure I send you the right logo.